It's time to Enroll

Go through the six steps below. It'll take 2 minutes, and then you're all set! Chat with us (bottom right) if you have any questions.

Step 1: Pick Student's Grade

Which grade is the student in? This will determine eligibility for the courses shown in Step 2.

Step 2: Select Program

Please select student's grade to see all the available programs.

Step 3: Provide Student and Parent Info

Step 4: Accept Terms

  • I give consent to my child for attending Camp K12 - Coding Weekend Camp.
  • I assure that my child will fully comply with all the rules and regulations of Camp K12.
  • Camp K12 will not be responsible for providing food or snacks during the camp. Students are required to carry their own lunch & snacks.
  • Students will receive a break during each class.
  • The courses below have special pre-requisites as listed, remaining courses have only one that the student must to bring their own laptops
    • App Development: students must bring their own Android phone
  • Camp K12 reserves the right to cancel a course or merge courses based on their discretion.
  • Camp K12 reserves the right to shift the students to another camp as one on one sessions are prohibited. The prior payment can be adjusted in the other camps.
  • In the occurrence of course cancellation or merger you are eligible to a full refund if you are not satisfied with the new merged course
  • General refund policy
    • Withdrawal within a week prior of camp starting or after it starts - No Refund
    • Withdrawal 7-14 days prior to camp start - 50% refund
    • Withdrawal 15 days or more prior to the camp start - 100% Refund
I accept the above terms and conditions for my enrollment.

Step 5: Review and Make Payment